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Diciadain, 04/Jul/2012

Spotting Scottish Routes on Islay

Islay Fun in stencil

I'm not entirely sure where and how it all started. I've mentioned Scottish Routes before, in a post about Islay Holiday Tours back in 2010. Since then we've remained in touch, mainly on Twitter, where Will is active with @ScottishRoutes. One of the things he often asks for is to let him know if anyone spots their minibus. During my recent Islay visit I went to action:

Picture of the Scottish Routes minibus in Bowmore on Islay

The first spot was in Bowmore on a Thursday evening, one of their regular tours having left Edinburgh in the morning. I suspect the guests were enjoying a wee dram or two in Duffies Bar at that time. The next spotting was just over a week later at a distillery:

Picture of the Scottish Routes minibus at Laphroaig distillery on Islay

In the unlikely event you didn't recognise it, this is of course at Laphroaig. I had a nice chat with Simon in the visitor centre while his guests were on a tour with James Deane in his new second job. I had hoped to spot them at another distillery (Kilchoman to be precise) the next day, but we missed each other there. Instead we met again here:

Picture of the Scottish Routes minibus at the Spar shop in Bridgend on Islay

That's of course Jimmy's store in Bridgend, it was also my last sighting for this time, as it was the day I was leaving Islay for the long journey back to Aldermaston Wharf. But then again, three spots in two weeks is probably quite a good rate?

I'm not sure when my next chance to spot them will be, as I'm not sure they'll still be running tours in November, the likely time of my next Islay visit. If you spot one of their minibuses on Islay you might want to tweet a picture to Will, he might buy you a dram next time he meets you on Islay (or at a stretch elsewhere)…

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