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Diluain, 30/Jul/2012

Two Islay Watersports Videos

Islay on Video written in stencil

While I had faint hopes to restart the Islay blogging roundup yesterday I then found more important things to do like going out for a Sunday photowalk around Aldermaston Wharf, among others to take pictures of hungry caterpillars. Then I thought I should write about a nice new Islay walks collection (ok, ok, here's the link, Islay walks on walkhighlands), until I came across some great videos of watersports on Loch Indaal:

YouTube: IslayKitesurfing

Now I've had kitesurfing videos before, but I think this is the first one from this perspective. Quite amazing to look down from the kite! I'm guessing he's using a GoPro or similar camera, like the one I used for my Machir Bay Islay video. Next we go sailing just off Port Charlotte:

YouTube: BruichladdichSail

Again an unusual perspective, I very much enjoyed watching them. I hope you will enjoy them as well. For those not into watersports but more interested in walking, I will write my review of the Islay walks mentioned above in due course.

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