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Disathairne, 04/Aug/2012

Friday Saturday Islay Picture #247 - Beach Rugby Try

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Almost made it three posts in a row this week, but then I had to stay later than expected at work and in combination with having to do my shopping I got home far too late for a blog post. So the Friday Islay picture becomes a Saturday Islay picture again this week. Those of you also following the Islay Pictures photoblog will be aware that I was having a rugby theme this week, so I thought I'll have one here as well:

Picture of a flying try at the Islay beach rugby tournament

This impressive try was in the final of the Laddie Cup, the player (unfortunately I don't know his name) from winners Kilchoman distillery I think also won the male player of the tournament trophy. This picture will also be posted on the photoblog in larger on Sunday morning as the last picture for this week's theme.

There will probably be another theme on the photoblog again next week, but I haven't had any thoughts yet what it might be. After Islay birds last week and beach rugby this week I've got the funny feeling it will in some way be landscape related though.

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