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Dimàirt, 11/Sep/2012

Two Gigha Sunset Timelapses

Gigha Excursions written in stencil

While you can see Islay from many places on Gigha you won't get to see it in the two sunset timelapse videos I'm going to point out for you today. You do get to see the Paps of Jura though, if that's any consolation. The first one is from 02/Jun/2012:

YouTube: gigha sunset no.1

The second is from the next day, 03/Jun/2012, also a rather cloudy day, yet we get to see some nice colours on the horizon:

YouTube: gigha sunset no.2

I hope you've enjoyed them and found them relaxing. It will have been too late to see the Islay ferry passing, but if I'm not entirely mistaken this is the beach you can see when passing Gigha coming out of West Loch Tarbert.

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