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Diluain, 17/Sep/2012

Watching Dolphins from the Islay Ferry

Islay on Video written in stencil

Well, not the belated Islay blogging roundup I had originally planned today, but after the journey back from Germany last night I decided to be lazy most of today and didn't get an awful lot done. This I'm afraid includes the fairly time consuming Islay blogging roundup. In a far fetched way related to my evening at Munich airport yesterday here's some Dolphin spotting from the Islay ferry:

YouTube: Dolphins crossing HEBRIDEAN ISLES Bow

Much better than my evening at the airport I would say. This was filmed on one of the Wednesday crossings coming from Oban. Much more interesting than looking at tourist rip offs in an airport lounge…

Not sure yet what I'll do about the Islay blogging roundup, I might write one tomorrow night, if not there will be a bumper edition next Sunday.

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