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Dimàirt, 25/Sep/2012

Another Cool Islay Windsurfing Video

Islay on Video written in stencil

While I used to do a lot of sailing (Laser) in my youth I've unfortunately never learned to surf. So I'm left to admire people who have learned it, especially those who have the necessary skills to brave the waves on Islay's west coast. The surfer (and some of the scenes) will be familiar from the Cool Islay Windsurfing Video I blogged back in May 2010, I don't think I've mentioned this video yet though:

YouTube: Witchcraft chakra

Apart from the action I quite like the colours in this video, makes the sea almost look tropical, doesn't it? I doubt that I will find the time and opportunity to learn windsurfing now, so I just have to hope more (wind-)surfers will visit Islay and film and post videos like this…

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