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Dimàirt, 02/Oct/2012

Jamie Johnstone's Laphroaig Designs

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About a month ago a report Whisky lovers look away now … it’s the packaging that sells made the rounds on the interwebs and in particular the whisky community. It mentioned the Bruichladdich bottles from Islay as an example. While just a design (at least for now) and not reality (but then who knows, it might be one day?) I recently came across a beautiful design study for another Islay single malt, Laphroaig:

Picture of a design study for a Laphroaig whisky bottle

This beautiful bottle is the work of Jamie Johnstone, in a project description on the Behance network Jamie writes:

This bottle is designed to get across the smokey flavour of the whisky and the island in which it is distilled. The hand drawn type was designed to portray the tradition of the distillery.

For more of Jamie's work I recommend visiting Jamie Johnstone's website, where you'll find more pictures and information from his Laphroaig design project. I don't think it's possible to link to the project as such, you'll find most of it in the Packaging section of his site. The hip flask looks quite interesting as well I think.

Should Laphroaig ever consider a redesign I hope they at least give Jamie a call…

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