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Dimàirt, 23/Oct/2012

Rob Gard's Islay Distilling Kickstarter Campaign

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Is this a first? May be, may be not, but at least it's the first time I've heard of an Islay related project on Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a platform to raise funding for creative projects (see What is Kickstarter? for more details). So where does the Islay link come in? Some of you might remember Rob Gard, or The Whisky Guy, who in 2009 left L.A. to work at Bruichladdich for a while. Now he's planning to publish a book about it (and more):

YouTube: Distilling Rob: Manly Lies and Whisky Truths

Publishing a book isn't cheap, so he's looking for help to fund it (and he's offering something in return). This is where Kickstarter comes in, as that's where he launched a campaign to fund it: Kickstarter - Distilling Rob: Manly Lies and Whisky Truths. Some of the pledges are focused on the US market, but others are also suitable for potential backers outside of the US. There's also a Book preview website - Distilling Rob: Manly Lies and Whisky Truths for a taste of what to expect.

As of writing this Rob has already reached his minimum goal, but he's raising the bar to stretch the funding and make the project more successful. The widget on the left should give you a running update while the campaign is under way.

Fingers crossed for Rob for a successful completion of his Kickstarter campaign and book project!

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