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Diciadain, 28/Nov/2012

Video of the Islay Sessions 2012 Grand Concert

Islay Music in stencil

It took well into the night (while I was sleeping), but I've managed to upload my (by far) longest Islay video yet. Following on from the Islay Sessions 2012 at the Port Charlotte Hotel video on Monday the 26 minutes long video of the Grand Concert is now available for your enjoyment:

YouTube: Islay Sessions 2012 - Grand Concert at Bruichladdich Hall

While I've got a lot more footage (some of which I might post later, not sure yet) I've decided to just pick one song for each artist for now. Maeve Mackinnon made the selection quite easy with an Islay related song being an obvious choice, for the others I tried to choose a variety of styles. For Findlay and Gillian I couldn't resist picking a ‘topical’ song, especially after Andrew's thanks to the sponsors (‘there's a theme here…’).

I hope you'll enjoy the video and the music, for those who were there I hope it will be a nice trip down memory lane, for those who weren't there I hope it gives an idea of what they've missed…

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