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Diluain, 10/Dec/2012

New Islay Video November Sunset at Saligo Bay

Islay on Video written in stencil

Time for yet another shameless plug I think. Yesterday I uploaded the third video from my November visit to Islay, the first two having both been from the Islay Sessions (Islay Sessions 2012 - Grand Concert at Bruichladdich Hall and Islay Sessions 2012 at the Port Charlotte Hotel). No music this time, instead I'm taking you outdoors, although there is still some sound involved, the sound of wind and waves:

YouTube: November Sunset at Saligo Bay, Isle of Islay

This video was half planned, half improvised. I shot it on the same day I watched the Peregrine Falcon vs Raven, running late as I hadn't planned for watching them. On my way out I had grabbed the video camera in addition to the photo camera, heading down from Kilchoman I decided to go to Saligo Bay not Machir Bay, the other option. Driving to Saligo I decided to shoot some video, lots of sequences so that I could see what I could create from it later.

Having arrived I dressed warm (the wind was rather chilly…) and headed out to the dunes. Filming started as soon as I arrived, first at the top of the dunes, then heading down to the beach. Very quickly it became clear that I had to head north to have any chance of seeing the sun setting over the sea and not behind the cliffs. So I made my way along the beach, stopping to film a number of times. For the final minutes I decided to head up the dunes again for a wider view. At the same time clouds were moving in from the north, making me worry I might not get a sunset. In the end I still got one, but only just.

Back home it was time for some editing, trying to pick out some of the best bits and to tell a ‘story’. I've left everything in the correct chronological order, but reduced each filmed clip to around 15 seconds, hopefully capturing the essence of what I saw. Now it's over to you, I hope you enjoy and like the result, that it tells you the short story of a November sunset at Saligo Bay.

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