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Diluain, 22/Apr/2013

Back From a Great Islay Walking Week

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That's me back from a wonderful week on Islay. It was probably the coldest of all the walking weeks, also one of the windiest. Still, we managed to get some nice walks done and when it really mattered the weather turned just fantastic. A few pictures from the week, starting with walkers on a very windy and cold Giur-bheinn:

Picture of a group of walkers at a summit cairn

As usual I went for my daily run in Machir Bay almost every morning (I skipped one day, the day we went to Jura), some nice mornings here as well with ever changing views:

Picture of a bay in the morning light

As I said, when it really mattered the weather turned fantastic, namely on our last day, when we were scheduled to go to Jura to conquer one of the Paps. Going up one of the Paps had been on the list for the walking week for a long time, this year it was finally included in the walks. We were nervous until the very last morning, would it happen, especially considering two walks had to be cancelled because of bad weather earlier in the week? Well, as this (and other) picture shows, we did it, we made it to the summit of Beinn a'Chaolais in beautiful sunshine:

Picture of some walkers on the summit of Beinn a'Chaolais

Apart from the walks I met quite a few old and new friends, but also missed several. Hopefully I can catch up with them next time. I also managed to get in at least some flying with the quadcopter, not nearly as much as I had hoped, but at least some. I'm hoping to edit and upload the video within the next week or two.

That's all for now, more about the walking week soon. In the meantime, if you haven't seen them yet, try also the entries tagged walkislay2013 on my Islayblog Tumblr. Good night for now.

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