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Didòmhnaich, 06/Oct/2013

Islay Blogging Roundup #266

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

Well then, this will be the last Islay blogging roundup for a weeks again. Simple reason being that I will be off to Islay again in a few days time, where I will have other things to do than reading blogs. Hopefully the geese will arrive in time for me to take more pictures and film video. But for now it's back to this week and this week's Islay and Jura mentions in the blogs:

Let me start with two distillery visits: Whisky for Everyone have Distillery visit - Lagavulin and Heiko from Switzerland made A visit to… Bunnahabhain.

A few Islay whisky posts: Kilchoman Loch Gorm, 46% writes Fredde Boos from Sweden. On the Bruichladdich news blog we find the #LADDIETT2 Twitter tasting and an illustrious visitor in Sir Ian and Kathy Botham visit. Ansgar also writes about the #LaddieTT2.

A few visits mentioned last week come to an end: Susi and Joerg from Germany finish their entries with Tag 16: Ardnave and Tag 17: Von Islay nach Glasgow. Becky and Alan from California leave us with {TRAVEL} SCOTLAND DAY 8 - SO LONG ISLAY. Holly and Andy went on a similar tour and describe their experiences in Day 2: Edinburgh to Isle of Islay, Day 3-Islay and Day 4: Islay Our First Scottish Fog.

Other visits just start, as Marion sends Ein Gruß von der Isle of Islay. Also Islay probably has a mention in a Swedish book about Brits and Britain, Finns det britter? (If any of my Swedish readers has read the book and can tell me more about the Islay mention I would appreciate it).

Apparently Marina likes clean sheets And found some on the island of deer.

Amy went to Jura to dance and enjoy the Jura Music Festival. On the Our Learning Blog of Port Ellen Primary we can read about a visit to Stramash in Oban, activities included Archery, Coasteering, Stramash Trip (Dinghy Sailing!), Stramash Rocks! and CANOING AND BUSH CRAFT. Back on Islay they also learned about School Values.

For the birdwatching and wildlife we can rely on the Islay Birds blog where Ian notes that exactly a year ago 20,000 Barnies had arrived compared to a few dozen this year. Other entries include Sam and Garry's raptor sightings and the auction market as well as Bob's sightings. Amy shares pictures from a Marsh Fritillary web survey and various findings from the Loch Gruinart moorland trail.

To finish as usual, yes, the pictures. Quite a few this week actually: Sandy has an Old Photograph Ballygrant Scotland and Amy shares a beautiful young Highland Cow. On the INHT blog Malcom shares a beautiful view of a Dawn over Loch Indaal. A view from Muasdale on Kintyre over to Islay in Sunset 5.10.13. Jacqui Dunbar shares a lot of pictures in Islay Revisited! (also check her older entries about Islay visits). From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I've picked The Paps of Jura and Corran River, Isle of Jura, Barnacle Geese lifting off near Bridgend and Machir Bay from the dunes, Isle of Islay.

And that's it for this week, until the next Islay blogging roundup in a few weeks time. Good night for now!

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