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Diciadain, 01/Jan/2014

Happy New Year 2014, on Islay and Elsewhere!

Islay Fun in stencil

Time to move on, from my Islay year 2013 review to the new 2014. Happy New Year! I didn't really bother with New Years resolutions, as they usually go out of the window after latest three days anyway. The same applies to any predictions what 2014 might bring. So have a completely unrelated Islay picture instead, just because:

Picture of dramatic colourful clouds over a sea loch

See, told you it would be a completely unrelated picture. Admittedly it's cloudy, but I quite like the colours and the big big sky in this wide angle lens view. The view is of course over Loch Indaal from just outside Bruichladdich distillery. From where the New Year's dram comes I've decided to allow myself this afternoon.

That's all for today, I suspect many of you (in particular those in Scotland) will still be in recovery mode after a wild night anyway. Let's have a great 2014, on Islay and elsewhere.

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