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Diluain, 17/Feb/2014

i'Anson introduces In Chances of Light

Jura Excursions written in stencil

Over to Islay's neighbour Jura for some music (and great scenery) tonight. Some of you might remember i'Anson - Take Hold, music from Jura I blogged about in November last year. Last week Hugh Carswell published another video, telling the story behind his love for Jura and his debut album. Sit back (may be with a wee dram?) and enjoy:

i'Anson - In Chances of Light from i'Anson on Vimeo.

Another video with great scenes and lovely music, combined with a great story. For more don't forget to visit the i'Anson | Official website. There's also a long portrait of Hugh and his life in the Daily Record you might find interesting.

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