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Diluain, 24/Feb/2014

Islay wildlife pictures by Lomond Photography

Islay Pictures in stencil

Some great pictures for those of you interested in Islay birdlife and wildlife tonight. Or if you don't mind the location also from further afield. They can be found in the lomond photography Flickr stream, where I took this teaser screenshot in case you need further encouragement to take a closer look:

Screenshot from a Flickr gallery

The Islay pictures can be found in the Island of Islay Flickr set (Surprise, surprise…). My favourites are mainly the Choughs, some great ones of them, including this rare one of one without rings and these two in the dunes. I also quite like this alert yet relaxed looking Brown Hare.

For more pictures of a huge variety of birds just look at the full Flickr stream, also take a look at the Lomond Photography website. Some very good pictures there as well.

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