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Disathairne, 08/Mar/2014

Armin's Islay videos YouTube channel intro

Islay on Video written in stencil

It's been a busy day getting a few things done I wanted to get sorted for a while now. To start with I cleaned up my personal website a bit this morning, deleting quite a few things. Still more to do, but it's a start. Then this afternoon I decided to finally create an intro video to my Armin's Islay and other videos YouTube channel. It is supposed to introduce my YouTube channel to new visitors:

YouTube: Armin's Islay and other videos YouTube channel intro

Much of the footage in it will be familiar to those who have already seen my videos, but there's also some new footage of me introducing the channel and so far unreleased footage of Saligo Bay from the air. That will probably also find its way into my next planned Islay video about Saligo Bay. Until then I hope you'll enjoy this video and then watch my Islay from the air - views from up high as well as all of Armin's Islay Videos.

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