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Diardaoin, 13/Mar/2014

Various Islay and Jura links

Islay Links in stencil

I've decided it's time for one of those entries again. The type where I present with all kinds of Islay (and Jura) related links in the hope that you will find one or two or all of them interesting. Several whisky related ones, but also a few others. Here we go:

To start with a visit to Islay for a whisky pilgrimage by Kenyon Wallace with, you guessed it, Islay, Scotland: A whisky pilgrimage in the Hebrides. Not an awful lot new in it, but still worth a link. Slightly confused by the description of the road to Caol Ila though, sounds more like Bunnahabhain to me.

Not much of an Islay mention, nevertheless I hope someone at Bruichladdich is reading the New Statesman where in in praise of the London to Glasgow sleeper train Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark writes:

[..] I used to be loyal to Bruichladdich but for some reason the Islay distillery no longer supplies miniatures. Now, I might choose Highland Park, my late father’s favourite, or a Glenfiddich.[..]

Surely someone will be able to help Kirsty out and provide her with a few miniatures?

The Telegraph has World Book Day 2014: great literary trails, where it opens with George Orwell and Barnhill on Jura. The description is slightly misleading, while Jura is accessible by car Barnhill isn't.

With the Football (soccer for Americans) World Cup not far away I suspect we will see more like it pop up over the coming months, the Spirits Business reports Ardbeg Launches Global Football Tournament.

The Extra (Glasgow South and East) writes about A Jewel of an exhibition, which is an exhibition of paintings by John Lowrie Morrison, also known as Jolomo. The paintings are of course of Islay, which he first visited in the 1960s.

I'm not sure where exactly the plot for the Gorse House, Islay is, assuming the view is the real view I think it's somewhere in the Gruinart area. While it looks nice I'm not so sure all the glass is that great in the tough Islay weather, keeping that clean I suspect will be a huge challenge.

That's it for this time, more to come in a few weeks, depending on how much I come across…

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