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Diciadain, 02/Apr/2014

Islay April Fools 2014

Islay Links in stencil

OK, I assume you all figured out instantly that yesterday's Islay man to take Laphroaig on mission to Mars was my contribution to this year's April Fools posts, just like last year's Ancient Illicit Distillery Discovered on Islay. But I wasn't the only one who had a go, there were others with Islay related April Fools:

To start A Wardrobe of Whisky has Diageo to release NAS Port Ellen whisky. For the non-whisky drinkers, NAS means ‘No Age Statement’ (i.e. doesn't have a 10/12/15/16/etc years old label) and seems to be a huge bone of contention among a number of whisky bloggers at the moment.

Keeping to the whisky theme Big Peat had this (not sure what you would call it, it's not really a whisky) on offer:

At long last... Here he is: Big Ginger - a medley of Islay Malt, zingy ginger & sweet spices! #bigpeat #bigginger

— Big Peat (@BigPeatWhisky) April 1, 2014

And to close something you might think was an April Fools, the Islay Birds blog reporting a Ruppell's Vulture having been found on Islay. No, this one is true, as among others the BBC reports today: Missing vulture Gandalf found on Scots island of Islay.

Now let's see what I can come up with next year…

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