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Diluain, 21/Apr/2014

Reporting back from Islay Walking Week

Islay Events written in stencil

It almost happened without me, as just as I was getting ready to leave for Islay a week ago my car broke down. Luckily I was able to get a rental car at very short notice, meaning I was able to enjoy another wonderful Islay walking week. On most of the days we had wonderful sunshine for our walks with the well prepared local guides:

Picture of a group of walkers listening to a guide at a wreck

There is so much history on Islay, you stumble over something almost everywhere you go. In addition there were some great views to be enjoyed (despite it being hazy at times), in particular from higher ground like the Paps of Jura (I didn't go this year, but I know from last year) and Islay's highest hill Beinn Bheigier:

Picture of a group of walkers at the edge of a hilltop

Outside of the walks there were a few other things like beaches, watching the ISS passing at night, meeting old and new friends, enjoying excellent homebaking (3 times if counted correctly) and of course the famous Islay whisky. Apart from visiting the established distilleries (Bruichladdich and Laphroaig for me) I also had a look at Gartbreck farm, the site of the planned ninth Islay distillery:

Picture of an old farm with several ruined buildings

A lot of work to be done there…

My favourite picture of the week was a nice surprise by Andrew (of The Bowmore House) who I met with his daughters in Saligo Bay:

@islayblog can you spot anyone on the horizon? We've given you a little clue!

— Andrew Jackson (@edenside) April 20, 2014

A great end to another wonderful visit to Islay. Looking forward to the next time already!

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