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Diluain, 28/Apr/2014

Roses on Colonsay, a teaser

Colonsay Excursions written in stencil

The Colonsay Book Festival on Islay's neighbour Colonsay is just over now (and I'm quite sad that I couldn't go, in particular because Christopher Brookmyre was there), but I'm still taking you there today. In particular because the video and web page I'm going to share today is a bit of teaser to get you to visit Colonsay. But see for yourself:

YouTube: Rose training and the Isle of Colonsay

The link takes you to an overview about Colonsay House Gardens (by intoGardens) with further links. Assuming the video was published close to when it was filmed early to mid June should be a good time to visit Colonsay to see the results of the ninja rose training.

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