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Diciadain, 04/Jun/2014

The Laphroaig Islay Single Malt Opinions Campaign

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One of the first (or even the first) brand marketing campaigns for Laphroaig I believe was the ‘Love it or Hate it, there is NO in between’ (or something along those lines) campaign. I still have a mouse mat with it somewhere. Now Laphroaig has launched a new campaign which somehow reminded me of it. Here's the video for it:

YouTube: Laphroaig Opinions Welcome

Regular readers will know that Laphroaig was my first love (as far as whisky is concerned) and hasn't lost any of its appeal to me despite some strong competition in particular from Bruichladdich. I'm not very good at describing tastes (and my rating system is very simple: like it a lot, like it, don't like it, don't like it at all) so I haven't had a go at the Laphroaig Opinions poster creation yet. I'll probably have a go soon though. Quite a few good ones in the gallery already.

Anyway, time for a wee dram (and some chocolate) before going to bed. Good night and enjoy yours if you're going to join in.

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