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Dihaoine, 18/Jul/2014

Friday Islay picture #331 - Harvest under the Paps of Jura

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Much later than planned, but after well over a month finally a Friday Islay picture again. I have mixed feelings about the picture, as I took it when I noticed the first signs of my calf injury which was going to ruin my Islay holiday this June. At the same time posting it is a sign of recovery, as I can start to post more again. Not to mention that after almost exactly 5 weeks I'm hoping to do my first full distance jogging this weekend. But now for the picture:

Picture of a combine harvester bringing in hay under the backdrop of large hills

This is a view from the road up to Kilchoman towards Rockside Farm and the Paps of Jura. Farm work under the backdrop of the Paps of Jura on a beautiful sunny June day.

And that is all for tonight. Bedtime for Armin. Good night, if all goes to plan more blogging over the weekend.

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