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Didòmhnaich, 10/Aug/2014

Islay Blogging Roundup #301

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

Well into August now, but summer took a break in most of the UK today. Following what was left of Hurricane Bertha it was quite wet and windy for most of the day. I made the best of the bad weather and used the time to edit my latest Islay video of a Breezy April day in Portnahaven and Port Wemyss, Islay. But more about that tomorrow, now it's time for this week's Islay mentions in the blogs:

Let me start with a few Islay visits: A Germany travel blog has Islay – die Whisky-Insel: auf den Spuren des schottischen Nationalgetränks. Kate Davies visits Islay regularly, from her latest visit the updates were Islay skies, a bottle of Uigeadail and Islay snaps. Victoria had A trip to Islay, Scotland. The SV Amanda from Denmark visited both Jura and Islay. I think the visit was last year, but the blog entry was only posted now: Reb Mordechai Reviews: A one day tour of Islay's distilleries. Part 2. The History Interpreter visit Islay among other places in Islands in the Sun – and rain. Nina and Naomi have been exploring Islay. Gordon Homer has returned from Islay with one last post: Islay Visits Part XXXVII – Addendum.

On Scottish Coastal Rowing we can read about the Islay Regatta 2014. Neil Gordon-Orr shares The First World War Dead from Islay on his Islay History blog.

The Dower House crew wonders, The Race Is On, But Can We Keep Up With Gary? Ron shares a Spectacular Dolphin Display near Port Ellen Islay. Becky went Beachcombing at Sanaigmore.

Not directly Islay whisky, but then again the German Alkoblog highlights Islay single malts a an option for a special treat in their Whisky-Eis: Rezept für Genießer. Some might remember Malcolm from his days on Islay, which he mentions in Paul Chats to Malcolm Rennie of Annandale Distillery. On the Bruichladdich News blog we can read about Islay Barley Farmers Visit Bairds Malt. The Grapescot has a late report Lagavulin Day @ Feis Ile 2014 - Cool Cocktails & Wonderful Whisky. Scott Munro tastes the Bowmore White Sands - 43%.

Not to forget the birdwatching and wildlife: The Islay Birds blog brings us a White Tailed Sea Eagle, a picture of a Narrow bordered Hawk moth larva and Emily's sightings from Gruinart. On the INHT blog we can read about the Basking Shark Tag a number of people tried to locate, unfortunately no luck. On the RSPB Islay blog we can read about the Hen Harrier Day and An unwelcome guest. There's also an update about the Loch Gruinart Bats and then it's G'night John Boy.

To close of course the pictures: Peter Moser's Neuer Kalender 2015 als Spende für IJSCF (that's the Islay and Jura sick Children’s Fund) has lots of Islay distillery pictures. James Collett has not one but two versions of The American Monument Sunset (I think I prefer the first one). Thomas Schilp has a picture he called pot still. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I've picked At the shore in Proaig bay, the Walkers above Loch na Mile, Isle of Jura and Tráigh Bhàn and the Opera House Rocks, Isle of Islay

That's it for this week. Good night!

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