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Dihaoine, 15/Aug/2014

Friday Islay picture #335 - Sedge Warbler

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Apologies for the (mostly unplanned) lack of blogging here the last few days. Tuesday I got home late (as normal, as I do some shopping) and ran out of time. But on Wednesday evening the latest Windows Patch Day updates crippled my laptop, essentially bricking it (as in, making it as useful as a brick). I spent several hours trying to restore it and once I finally managed it to ensure I really had backups of everything (in addition to the backups I already had). Thursday was spent further researching the problem and solution (this thread provided me the solution, excluding two updates) and applying it. And now it's Friday, time for the Friday Islay picture. I've picked another bird, for a reason I'll come back to later:

Picture of a Sedge Warbler

I believe that's a Sedge Warbler, if it isn't please leave a note in the comments so that I can correct it. The reason I've picked another bird picture is of course the Islay presence at this weekend's British Birdfair. There are first reports from visitors to the stand:

Islay stall at Birdfair good crack an a range of single malt for tasting.

— Andy (@arobgoo) August 15, 2014

Looks good, doesn't it? Lots of whisky and learning about the birds on Islay. If you go please say hi to Ian and the crew, unfortunately I can't make it myself this weekend.

With that all I've got left is to say good night and wish you a great weekend!

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