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Didòmhnaich, 17/Aug/2014

Islay Blogging Roundup #302

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

And it's Sunday evening again. Time for the Islay blogging roundup. Although, as an early heads up, the next one will probably not appear next Sunday but a day later on the Bank Holiday Monday. Simple reason being that I won't be home for most of Sunday. But back to this week, here are the Islay mentions in the blogs:

On his travel blog Keith Hunt has a series of posts from his Islay visit: Islay – a magical place away from it all Days 1 and 2, Islay – a magical island away from it all Day 3, Islay – A Magical Place Away From It All. Day 4 – Whisky and a Wander, Islay – A Magical Island Away From It All. Day 5, Islay, a magical isle away from it all. Day 6, The Annual Islay Show, Islay, a magical island away from it all. Day 7 – Peat bogs, lochs and whisky, Islay, a magical island away from it all. Day 8, Uisge beatha gu leoir! (Whisky galore!) and Islay, a magical island away from it all. Day 9, Wet and Whisky – I mean Windy!. Phil returns to the island where he was married to Lynne under sail, visiting Jura on his way to Islay: Craighouse Jura, Hidey holes and Islay are his reports. Amelia's sabbatical adventures included a visit to Scotland and Islay. I'm not entirely sure where they are from (I think Denmark), but two Scandinavian cyclists had To dager i Mekka.

Olivia mentions she found the Islay stand at the British Birdfair in We are family. On microblogging site Twitter (to use a popular description) we find Andy's picture of a busy Islay stand and that Mick won the Islay visit.

From the Islay whiskies Fredde tastes the Laphroaig An Cuan Mór 48% (2013). The Alkoblog from Germany has a Whisky-Duell: Lagavulin Distillers Edition vs. Caol Ila Distillers Edition. Whiskynotes compares the Bowmore Tempest (Batch 4 vs. batch 5). The Bruichladdich News blog asks if it is The Perfect Summer? The GrapeScot is still catching up with Laphroaig at the Feis (Book early)!. Similarly Adele just published Feis Ile 2014: Islay & Jura

Apparently It All Started With An Apple Pie for Sionnach Ìle. Becky reports from a Welly walk to Kilnaughton and Islay Welly Walks at Islay Show. Ron has a preview for the Islay Jazz Festival 2014 and a very sad post saying Farewell to Lily MacDougall.

Neil Gordon-Orr has entries in both of his blogs again, in his Islay History blog we find Islay First World War Dead in De Ruvigny's Roll of Honour. On his running blog we find another instalment of his Islay running series, Running Islay (3) : Bowmore to Cruach and beyond (12k).

Bill Rogers writes about a well known Ileach, at least if you watch BBC Scotland.

The birdwatching and wildlife was limited this week, as the usual suspects were all at the already mentioned British Birdfair. Still, a few posts appeared on the Islay Birds blog with Pheasants and the preparation for said birdfair. The INHT blog reports from the Killinallan family activity 08/08/14 and the RSPB Islay blog has an update from The Show. Philippa Mitchell announces a New Film from her exhibition visit to Islay.

As usual to finish the pictures: Steve has a lot of his iPhone pictures in ISLAY (AND JURA), promising film pictures for later. Not sure if they really qualify under pictures, but then again Illustrations are a type of pictures, aren't they? Anyway, Lucy has some great ones in Islay - west coast Scotland, Lighthouse at dusk (a brilliant animation!) and Another lighthouse! From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I've picked Ardbeg stills in 1999 (as it nicely shows the wisdom of the crowd), Highland Cattle near Sanaigmore and Loch Indaal, my first Islay picture ever.

That's it for this week, the next one to follow probably on the upcoming Bank Holiday Monday. Time for a wee dram of Bruichladdich Laddie Sixteen to call an end to the weekend.

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