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Disathairne, 30/Aug/2014

Islay Pipe Band at the World Championships 2014

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One month after the Islay Pipe Band finished 4th at the European Championship the biggest competition in the annual pipe band calendar took place, the World Championships. It took place in Glasgow again with several hundred bands competing in the various grades. Here is the Islay Pipe Band performing in the Grade 3A finals:

YouTube: Isle of Islay: World Championships 2014

Because of the large number of entries there were two stages: In the qualifying Islay finished an excellent 3rd of 14. Unfortunately their luck left them a bit in the finals, where they were placed 10th out of 12 bands (although they were equal points with the 8th place). I'm not sure how the scoring/placing works, it seems the Ensemble Place is the deciding factor if bands are on equal points. Explanations appreciated.

That's the season almost finished, the final competition for the Islay Pipe Band is at the Cowal Games today, but as of writing this I don't have the results. Fingers crossed for a successful end to the season!

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