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Diciadain, 03/Sep/2014

Mobile phone video of Islay's Barnacle Geese

Islay on Video written in stencil

An out of schedule Islay video from me tonight. My original plan was to publish another Islay from the air quadcopter video some time in September or October. But then I found out today that you can now easily import your Google+ videos into YouTube. Which I did. And then played with, using the YouTube video editor. Here's a result:

YouTube: Barnacle Geese on Islay (mobile phone footage)

Sorry it's a bit shaky, but then again this was all shot handheld with my mobile phone (a Nexus 4 at the time). The first two scenes are at Loch Indaal, where a passing plane spooked the geese twice. The other two scenes are from Loch Gruinart. I'm still quite pleased with the footage of the geese passing overhead (0:27-0:56), as that was actually shot from inside my parked car through the open sunroof. The big lift-off was filmed from the new hide.

I hope you like the video, I just love the amazing noise the Barnacle Geese make when they fly off. Not to mention the amazing sight.

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