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Diciadain, 17/Sep/2014

Islay band Siar releases debut album

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Some very nice new music from Islay tonight. Music from a local band named Siar (Gaelic for ‘West’). I can't remember when I first heard of them or when I first heard of their debut album, what I do know is that I was keen on listening to it. And today I found that it was available on Google Play (following a tweet by the Ileach that it is now available on iTunes, but I don't have iTunes). Of course I bought it instantly:

Siar are Ellie MacGregor, Ciara McTaggart and Clare Jordan, they are playing a multitude of instruments including Scottish harp, keyboard, accordion, tin whistle, flute and fiddle. Not to forget Clare singing in Gaelic. They describe their style as Traditional Scottish/Irish with a twist.

I'm no music critic and don't really know much about music, so all I can say is that I like it a lot. Some beautiful melodies, some calm and slow, some a bit faster and uplifting.

I believe the embedded links above allow you to listen to short samples, and if you like the album to of course buy it. The same probably applies to iTunes, but I can't help you there. If you're on Islay you can also buy a CD from them directly:

For more information and to contact them go to the Siar Facebook page and/or follow Siar on Twitter.

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