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Diciadain, 10/Dec/2014

A drive along Jura

Jura Excursions written in stencil

Came across an interesting video yesterday. David Muir visited Islay's neighbour Jura and filmed a video of a drive (and walk) all the way from Feolin ferry to the northern end of Jura. A lot of different sights along the way, watch closely and you'll also spot an Otter:

YouTube: Isle of Jura (the long road)

I hope you've enjoyed the video as well, may be it inspires you to visit Jura as well. Just remember that in reality the drive takes some time. Also you can't drive all the way, as you'll have seen you can only drive up to signs showing the end of the road. From there on it's walking for quite a few miles to the far far north of Jura.

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