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Didòmhnaich, 14/Dec/2014

Islay Blogging Roundup #316

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

There we are, a quite productive long weekend is slowly coming to an end. I've cleaned out and prepared the room for my sister's visit over Christmas, done some gardening, baked two more Bremer Klaben (as well as rolls and bread), got my Christmas haircut, went out to Hosehill Lakes for some photography and even made a lazy attempt to make my flat look at least a tiny bit like it's Christmas soon. And now it's time for the Islay blogging roundup, so here we go:

Let's start with some Islay whisky, like the 21st Annual Whisky Advocate Awards: Islay Single Malt of the Year. The Smoky Dram tastes the Kilchoman Machir Bay 2012. A Canadian blog finds a Bowmore in Whisky Advent Calendar: Day 8 and Fredde from Sweden tastes the Laphroaig Brodir Port Wood, 48% (2014). The Bruichladdich News blog writes about A Pen - Hand Made From A Bruichladdich Cask Stave and some Laddie Christmas Gifts. WhiskyFun has Seven Ardbeg black to black.

Getting closer to Christmas, but also staying with whisky, the Laphroaig campaign receives a few mentions: The Denver Egotist writes Laphroaig Shares the Best and Worst Opinions of Its Scotch, In Holiday Song and Peter Moser from Germany shares Laphroaig’s Weihnachts-Video: Opinions Welcome. Another blog says One of their musical influences just HAS to be Monty Python.

This is of course the time of the year where best of lists and other reviews of the year are published. Gordon gets in early with That was the year that was…..

Ron has his fifteen minutes of fame with The Face in the Wave near Port Wemyss Islay, before moving on to Snow on the Hills of Islay. On the Our Learning Blog of Port Ellen Primary we can read about the Visit from Janet Watersworth. The IECBS news blog announces Power for Christmas.

After an earlier report from his Islay visit Christian now reviewed the hotel he stayed in at Zu Gast im The Islay Hotel, Port Ellen | #visitScotland #Islay. Rachel takes a bit of Islay to Israel with her visit to I AM WHAT I DRINK ~ whisky day.

Of course there was birdwatching and wildlife: The Islay Birds blog reports of birds blown away in the storm (kind of) and Ian is happy he kept back a few sightings. Despite some bad weather Bob and Pat reported some sightings yesterday. It's been a Wee bit windy on the RSPB Islay blog as well. Just before the storm Becky reported from Shifting light and shadows at Gruinart and Loch Indaal.

To close again the pictures: James Collett shares Weather Bomb – Islay and Milky Way as well as A View From Fairy Hill, Islay. Ron shares a picture of big waves during the recent storm. Konrad Borkowski shares more pictures in his Christmas campaign including Beinn Shiantaidh, Paps of Jura, Lagavulin at Sunrise, Islay, Scotland and Deer on the Long Road, Isle of Jura, Scotland. And from my own Islay Pictures photoblog I've picked the Geese roadblock at Kilchoman, My parents walking on Tràigh Baile Aonghais and of course the Milky Way over Saligo Bay at night, Isle of Islay.

That's it for this week, more next week in the ‘just before Christmas edition’.

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