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Disathairne, 27/Dec/2014

Port Ellen lost Islay distillery book looking for funding

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Seven years ago I remember reading my copy of Marcel van Gils' book The Legend of Laphroaig. A very interesting book I still sometimes refer to. I hope another Islay distillery book in the making I came across a few days ago will be a similar success. The book hasn't been published yet and to be published it needs a bit of funding (or backing):

Picture of old distillery buildings with a modern malting towering over it

The distillery in question is Port Ellen distillery, closed in 1983. As parts of the distillery were demolished and in particular the stills were dismantled it is now lost forever.

Benny Borgh from Sweden has been working on a book documenting the history of the distillery from 1825 to 1983 for the last four years while also having a career in the whisky industry. He is now in the final stages of the project and after completing the final interviews on Islay in early 2015 he is hoping to print and publish the book. And this is where you might come in:

In order to print the book Benny needs some funding/backing. To do this he has launched a Kickstarter campaign, Port Ellen Distillery - awakening a sleeping beauty. In a nutshell it works like this: You pledge to provide a certain amount of money, in return you will receive the finished product and/or service. There are different levels, you'll find them on the page. Benny has set a quite ambitious deadline to meet his funding target (that's when your pledge will be called on), Wed 21/Jan/2015. Not much time left. I will make my pledge soon, as soon as I've set up a Kickstarter account. Will you make a pledge (assuming you're interested in the book)?

PS: There's also a Port Ellen Distillery - awakening a sleeping beauty Facebook page for other updates.

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