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Didòmhnaich, 11/Jan/2015

Islay Blogging Roundup #320

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

Apologies for the lack of blogging here last night. After returning from my monthly excursion to Reading (getting a haircut and running a few errands) I got sidetracked and by the time I realised it was a bit too late to still blog. Managed to get out for a while today (part of my New Year's Resolutions) and while there wasn't a lot to see I got these shots of a Nuthatch. Now I'm drinking tea while starting this week's Islay blogging roundup, let's see what I've found:

Danii from Germany has made some Whisky-Trüffel with some Ardbeg Islay single malt whisky, so they deserve a mention here (and they also look good). Staying with whisky a post I missed by minutes last week, Bozzy tasted the Lagavulin 12yo (2014)… The Whisky Moose tastes a SMWS Caol Ila duo and the Whiskycuse the Ardbeg Kildalton, OB 2014.

Probably one of the best ‘reviews’ I've read for a while comes from Aaron, “I’m a Lover, Not a Reviewer” (or “This Is NOT a Review of a Kilchoman Whisky”). The Annoying Opinions have one of the Jura “Prophecy” this time.

Slightly late Justin Tyers whishes a Happy New Year!

Markus from Germany writes about Islay – eine torfige Reise. He also has a Bildergalerien Islay Tour. For German speakers interested in a visit to Islay a German travel blog highlights The Spirit of Islay – eine Reise in die Heimat des Whisky in May 2015. Christian writes about what he calls Mein spezielles “Islay breakfast”.

I think I've mentioned this book already at some point, the Stadtbibliothek (library) Euskirchen in Germany has picked it as Buch des Monats Januar.

The birdwatching and wildlife, the Islay Birds blog mentions the Fulmars and duly follows up with storm reports mixed with bird sightings and more of the same. On the RSPB Islay blog a Little Egret, Little Egret on a flooded pool… is mentioned. John Armitage had The first real birding day of 2015!!.

To finish as usual the pictures: John Humpries has spotted a well known wreck on the BBC website in Set in Sand. James Collett has a very nice shot of Saligo Bay, Islay and Ron has been watching a sunset at Saligo Bay as well. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I've picked Bunnahabhain in April evening light, Laphroaig distillery reception and Deer and snow patches, Isle of Islay.

That's all for this week, I hope you found something interesting to read again. More next week.

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