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Didòmhnaich, 18/Oct/2015

Saligo Bay from the air Islay video teaser

Islay on Video written in stencil

Juggling the various demands on my time like day job, blogging here and on the Islay Pictures photoblog and getting out locally down here over the weekend (e.g. to take pictures of a Green Woodpecker) sometimes mean I fall behind on some things I wanted to do. One of them is editing the footage shot with with my Phantom 3 in June. This weekend I finally got my act together and at least started editing the footage I have from Saligo Bay. There's quite a lot of it, which I'm aiming to condense to a 5-10 minute video. I hope to finish that over the next week or two, certainly before I leave for my next Islay visit in November. To give you something to look forward to here's a teaser with 2:30 minutes of nice views:

YouTube: Saligo Bay, Islay, from the air (A teaser)

I hope you've enjoyed the teaser and it makes you look forward to the longer ‘directors cut’. I'm trying to find the right mix between high altitude views and and low level flying, giving a variety of different views and new perspectives. Hopefully I'm successful.

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