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Disathairne, 05/Nov/2016

Taking a break here

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You might have noticed that the last entry on this blog was on 31/Jul, also that it wasn't particulary busy in the months prior to that. Those who know me a bit will have noticed that my last visit to Islay was for the Islay walking week back in April and that my usual summer visit in June and the later visit in October or November for the Geese and/or the Islay Sessions isn't happening either. There's a reason for that:

Back in summer 2012 I found out that I have a bit of a dodgy heart valve. My cardiologist had been monitoring it annually since then, earlier this year he started to get slightly more concerned and I also started to notice more and more symptoms related to problems with a dodgy heart valve (including reduced energy levels). In June I had some more detailed tests and it was discovered my ‘mitral valve prolapse’ (to give it its proper name) had become severe, in addition I had developed ‘atrial fibrillation’, both of which required an operation.

That operation took place in early October at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London. Nine days after my open-heart surgery I was discharged home. While my recovery is going well I'm still often quite tired and struggle to concentrate for longer periods. I'm aiming to start returning to work in early December. For more about my surgery and recovery check the heart surgery category on my personal blog.

Because of this I have decided to take a break on this blog while I focus on my recovery. I'm hoping to start posting a few pictures on the Islay Pictures photoblog again over the coming weeks (it's been fairly quiet there as well), so that there is at least some new Islay stuff coming from me. Depending on how my recovery goes I'm hoping to start posting on this blog again by late December or in early 2017. I'm also aiming to be fully fit again for another Islay visit for the Islay walking week in April 2017. Hopefully see you then, either here on the blog or in person at the walking week.

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