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Dangers of the Sea

As Islay is obviously an island sometimes you hear or find not so nice news related to the sea. The BBC reported on two items today and yesterday, both in a way connected to Islay:

The first one is about a man's body who was washed up on a beach on Islay back in early April. I remember this being mentioned in the Ileach in April, I think we might have talked about it briefly when I visited Islay in late April. The police still hasn't been able to identify the man and have just released an artist's impression of the man and is appealing to the public for help. The currents around Islay can be very strong, I've heard a story of a diver being lost near the Irish coast and his body being washed up on Islay a few days later.

The second report is about a search operation being under way after wreckage was found near Rathlin Island (see also the Maritime and Coastguard Agency press release). This is not too far from Islay, so the Islay lifeboat is helping in the search. The boat in the picture isn't the Helmut Schroder of Dunlossit II (more about the Islay Lifeboat Station) though, I guess it's just some stock picture of a lifeboat. The boat is mainly manned by volunteers: farmers, distillery workers, hoteliers and other professions.



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