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Single Malt Ale

Picture of a bottle and pint of Islay Single Malt Ale

From my recent visit to Islay I returned with a few bottles from Islay Ales, Islay's first and only brewery. Some of them I had drunk before, some of them I had never tried. Today I decided to give the first of the new ales a try:

Coming from the island of single malt whiskies it was only a question of time until there was a single malt ale. So this is what I tasted today, the Single Malt Ale. The description from the label reads:

This Ale is a Single Malt Ale brewed using only pale malt, water and yeast with Amarillo and Bramling Cross hops

What is my verdict? Fantastic! I think this is my new favourite ale from Islay Ales, replacing the Saligo Ale. I can't describe tastes like other people do, to me it had a quite strong taste (something I like), a taste which somehow reminded me of a peaty and smoky Islay single malt (again something I like very much). I'm afraid that's all I can say.

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