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Japan and Islay

Back in June I already mentioned the popularity of Islay Ales in Japan. Quite a lot of people will know that Bowmore Distillery (through Morrison Bowmore) is owned by Suntory, a Japanese company. And there's more Islay in Japan:

For the first one we stay with the drink theme, as there is the Public Bar Islay with its blog. While I can't be certain that the bar is named after the Isle of Islay I believe it is, considering the frequent mentions of single malt whiskies (incl Islay single malts) on the blog.

For the second one we venture out on to the water: Takanori Iwai has named his platu25 with sail number 4958, you guessed right, 'Islay'. They will soon compete at the Platu 25 World Championship 2006 in Vigo, Spain and have started the Sailing Team Islay Platu 25 2006 World Championship blog. If you understand Japanese you can read about their progress on the site, otherwise you can at least see a few nice pictures of the boat (with the prominent Islay name on it). Again I don't know if there is a connection to the Isle of Islay, if it isn't the name is still nice for a boat.

And that's all Japan and Islay for now.



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