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Islay, Golf and Ireland

Picture of a view over the sea, land in the distance

I've blogged about Golf (and Whisky) on Islay back in July, a little follow up and update with two more links today:

If you've read the other entry you will already know that Islay's golf course is The Machrie, Ben Wallace of The Scotsman visited it recently and wrote a review of The Machrie Hotel and Golf Links. He was very happy with the hotel and the golf course, although not so much with the weather he had and his resulting score.

You might wonder about the significance of the picture of a blue sea and sky with a little bit of land in the distance for this entry. The answer is simple and can be deduced from the title, that's Ireland. Louisa Cleave had quite bad weather when she played at the Castlerock Golf Club near Coleraine on the North Coast of Northern Ireland. She writes:

They say on a clear day you can see Scotland and the Isle of Islay. The miserable weather robbed us of the coastal holes where we would have had - on a clear day - the best views.

As I've never been to Northern Ireland I can't show you the view to Islay from Ireland, but the view is from The Oa and Beinn Mhór on Islay over to Ireland taken on a clear and sunny day during the Islay Walking Week April 2006. That's all, simple as that.



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