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The Swedes Also Visit Islay

On Wednesday I mentioned the Austrians visiting Islay, on Thursday I wrote about someone from Finland mentioning Islay Whisky and lamb curry, where am I going to turn today? I think I'll stick to the international theme and turn to Sweden today:

Let me start with the Svenska Whiskyförbundet, which is the Association of Swedish Whisky Clubs. Now they don't only drink Islay Single Malts, but their Reseguide (travel guide) features Islay quite heavily. And it recommends my Further Islay Links page for, well, further Islay links. Which is the reason I found them, as they showed up in my referers.

Then there is the Malthe whiskyklubb, assuming I interpret the site correctly they are from Näshulta and Mariefred. They visited Islay in May 2005 for a week, mainly visiting the distilleries, but also the brewery and a few other places.

The Bernhardsson's visited Scotland in July 2006, spending a day on Islay as well. The travelled to Islay (Anländer Isle of Islay) and if I can trust my limited Swedish bought quite a few bottles after their tours of the distilleries (Isle of Islay).

I'll finish this entry with a special whisky, found on a mobile blogging site: Sommarwhisky? Seems to be some special bottling, may be single cask.



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