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Asian Visitors To Islay

The last day in September and for now the last entry for the 'international week'. Having stayed in Europe so far (Austria, Finland and Sweden) I'm moving a bit further away for this entry, to Asia to be precise. I have already mentioned Japan and Islay and Islay Ales in Japan, here are two more pages from Asian authors:

For the first one we stay with Japan, we go to the Ileach's correspondent in Japan, Takeshi Mogi's Isle of Islay Homepage. The site is obviously in Japanese, so I can't read any of it apart from the off English sentence. From that I at least know that he started the site in 1996 and is writing from Tokyo, Japan. But from The Ileach I know that he's been to Islay again just recently.

The next one I believe to be from a Taiwanese student, who studied in Scotland for a year. She (at least I think it's a she) went to Islay for a few days in June and July and wrote three entries about her time on Islay: My days on the Isle of Islay - Part I, My days on the Isle of Islay - Part II and My days on the Isle of Islay - Part III (while the entry titles are in English the rest is in what I believe to be Chinese). Assuming like me you can't read it there's still something very nice to view: 334 photos in JWU's Flickr set Isle of Islay.




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