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Earthquake in Islay?

This weekend I noticed a few Spanish (at least I think it's Spanish) entries popping up in my Islay news feeds. Initially I pretty much ignored them, but today I remembered them when I noticed an English entry which gave me an explanation what these entries were about: There had been an earthquake in Islay.

No, not the Isle of Islay, but the Islay province in Peru, South America.

Living in Peru mentions it in a 5.5 quake shakes area near Arequipa in Southern Peru report. Then there are two Spanish blog entries: Sismo En Arequipa and Pánico en Arequipa. If I understand all this correctly there has been a 5.5 earthquake in the Arequipa area on the 30th September, whereas there was a smaller earthquake in the La Joya district and Islay province a few days earlier, on the 26th/27th September.

Why mention this here, after all this isn't the Isle of Islay, but just another place named Islay, of which there are several? Mark Reynier of Bruichladdich Distillery has built a a partnership with Islay, Peru and invited the mayor of Islay (Peru) to the Isle of Islay.

I haven't found any further details about the earthquake in the Islay province, so from the sources mentioned above I assume it was a minor earthquake with no significant damage. Quite possibly something similar could occur on the Isle of Islay or at least in the vicinity, I remember being told about geological faults and a minor earthquake on Colonsay not too long ago.



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