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Angus Og Ale

Picture of a bottle and pint of Angus Og Ale by Islay Ales

Exactly a month ago I wrote about my first taste of Single Malt Ale, I've had another one since and still think it's fantastic. Nevertheless I decided to give another ale from Islay Ales a try today:

I just had a pint of Angus Og Ale, which is described as follows:

Angus Og is brewed using pale and crystal malts, water and yeast. The hops used are Goldings, Mount Hood and Styrian Golding. It is named after Angus Og, a Lord of the Isles, whose residence was on the Isle of Islay.

As I've said previously I'm not very good at describing tastes, giving it a try I'd say it still has a strong taste but much milder than the Single Malt Ale. At a push I'd describe it as a 'warm' taste. A very nice beer, although it won't replace the Single Malt Ale as my favourite.



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