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Islay Cottage, Lyttelton, NZ

The name Islay is a fairly popular one, used and known around the world. There are women and girls called Islay (or sometimes Isla). There's a dog called Islay somewhere in Japan, the owner is blogging about it fairly regularly. There's an Islay Hill and an Islay Creek somewhere in the US. I've blogged about Islay province in Peru. I've even mentioned the Islay House without a visible connection to Islay. So why giving Islay Cottage in Lyttelton, New Zealand a special mention as well?

Because for once there is a definite connection to the Isle of Islay, I think:

In the 1870's the Harbour Master, Hugh McLellan became the owner and gave her the name of “Islay Cottage” after his home town in Scotland. It remained in his family until 1965.

I'm not aware of a town called Islay in Scotland, so I think Islay Cottage in Lyttelton, New Zealand was named after the Isle of Islay. Oh, and it looks quite nice and seems to have nice views.



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