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Two New Features On

This blog about the Isle of Islay is now 10 months old. I've reached well over 150 entries by now. Assuming I continue at the current rate it will be easily twice that by the end of 2007. So I thought I introduce two new features visitors wanting to read about Islay might find interesting or helpful:

Readers interested in entries about a specific topic, e.g. Islay single malt whisky or playing golf on Islay, might want to try the new Favourites and Frequent Topics page I've created. The page is by no means finished, but it provides collected links for topics with multiple entries. I plan to update and expand the page in irregular intervals, input and suggestions are welcome.

Readers just wanting to discover this blog and Islay might find the second new feature interesting: You can tempt fate and try being taken to a random entry by the computer. This feature might take you on an unexpected journey by showing you a random entry from all the entries so far. Just give it a try, you might discover something new you hadn't thought of.

That's all. Back to our regular programme...



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