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River Sorn Through Bridgend Woods, Islay

Water is very important on Islay for a number of reasons. Best known is probably the whisky distillation, which consumes quite a lot of water. Most distilleries on Islay have their own little stream providing their water, running down from the hills. But there are also other uses, among them fishing and running a mill. Which brings me to today's picture:

Picture of a small river running through woodlands

This is an impression of River Sorn running through Bridgend Wood. The view is from the footbridge over the river, close to where it runs through the small village of Bridgend and then into Loch Indaal. About a mile upstream is the Islay Woollen Mill, which used to be powered by water. I believe fishing is also possible in the river, provided a fishing permit has been obtained from Islay Estates.

The picture above was taken in August at the height of summer, but the river and the woods are beautiful at all seasons. For a journey through the seasons (incl the fantastic bluebells season) visit Ray's A Season in Bridgend Woods 2003 pages. Lots more pictures there.



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