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Islay Alpaca

Picture of two alpacas on a field near the shore

Here's a picture of animals you might not expect on Islay: Two alpacas. Most people would probably expect to see sheep and cattle on Islay, but not necessarily alpacas. These two (and a few more) live on a farm on near Port Charlotte (a mile or so towards Portnahaven). Is this yet another connection with Peru? After all alpacas come from the mountains of Peru.

But there's another funny coincidence, which also inspired me to write this entry:

There's a place called Islay Hill, sometimes shrouded in fog, near San Luis Obispo in California, USA. I don't know if there is any connection to the Isle of Islay, although I guess it might have been named by emigrants from Islay. And funnily enough there is an Islay Hill Alpaca Ranch where they keep 16 alpacas, as the name suggests.



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