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Morning in Port Charlotte, Islay, Completed

Picture of the Port Charlotte Hotel on Islay with the blue surface of Loch Indaal in the background

What is the perfect antidote for a grey, dull and rainy day in Swindon? Work on a page about a beautiful sunny morning in Port Charlotte, Islay. Having started almost two weeks ago and having completed a second Port Charlotte panorama last weekend I've finally completed the associated page. But wait, there's more:

While I was at it I also prepared a Quicktime VR panorama of a view over Loch Indaal and Laggan Bay, Islay. A tiny preview, not really doing it justice:

Picture of a view over a sea loch (Loch Indaal, Islay)

What's next? Don't worry, there's still quite a lot to come from my last visit to Islay. For the afternoon I went to Kilchiaran and Portnahaven, some interesting pictures to come there...



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