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First Taste of Islay's New Spirit

No, I'm not talking about the Port Charlotte Distillery yet, after all Islay's ninth distillery hasn't been (re)built yet. No, this is about Islay's eighth whisky distillery, Kilchoman Distillery. I've mentioned Kilchoman New Spirit in January, yesterday I found a blog entry of someone who has tried it:

The Kilchoman, however, is much more complex than this - there is a surprisingly smokiness on the nose and palette, followed by the fruity notes and a strong taste of butterscotch, which Kilchoman claim is unique to their distillation. The finish is very long, and predominantly smoke and fruit, with a distinct sweetness I didn't expect in such a young distillation.

So writes Sam on ‘Anticipation Of A New Livejournal Article’ in the entry about Kilchoman New Spirit (remember, it's too young to be called whisky yet). Sounds good, doesn't it? I guess I'll have to try to get some when I'm on Islay in April...



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