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Betsy West, An Islay Life In Pictures

For some people computers and the internet are all about data, numbers and facts. For others it's about sharing and finding pictures and ideas. For me in particular I love to find new (and old) pictures from Islay. Today almost by chance I've found an amazing little Islay site I somehow had missed before: Betsy West's Photo Gallery. Doesn't sound like much at first, but it's a real treasure chest of Islay pictures!

At the age of 88 years (2003), Betsy still has an unrivalled enthusiasm for 'sharing', and can't understand those who request information and fail to return the compliment. When Steve first suggested the idea of a web album, I thought she might not be interested. ‘Why not?’, she said. ‘Who would be interested in me and my life?’

I am, and I'm sure others will find the old pictures of Islay interesting. Starting on the first page with views of Portnahaven and Port Wemyss around 1900. It continues on Page 2 with a some pictures from a booklet about the HMS Otranto disaster. Then the picture of Portnahaven School class c1915 (bottom row), which doesn't have a school any more today. On Page 6 some interesting pictures of a variety of people in Portnahaven and Port Wemyss around 1920-1940. And on Page 8 a picture of Betsy how she looked a few years ago as well as a picture of Kilchoman Church in 1970 (the windows are long gone...)

I don't know how Betsy is doing today, I'm going to try to contact Iain (he prepared the pages) to find out. Or if anyone of my readers knows please contact me and let me know. If I find out any further information I'll post an update.



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