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Italian Food and Islay Whisky

Parliamo Italiano? Well, I can just about get by with some words from Parliamo Scots, but my Italian is even worse. Meaning when I read of Un tocco di zenzero: Caol Ila & Birichin I was a bit stumped. I only knew there was some connection to Islay.

My Italian colleague wasn't in the office, so I couldn't ask her. Instead I just left a comment, hoping that the blogger would read it and understand English. I was in luck, 30 min later the Gourmet replied:

Armin... Welcome in italy!! ;)
I wrote about a dinner in a restaurant here in turin,my city!! The chef cooked all the dish with the fantastic caol ila whisky.. !!

So there we have it: Italian food enhanced with Caol Ila Islay Single Malt Whisky. Even if the rest has no links to Islay, if you speak Italian and like food I think a visit to Un tocco di zenzero might be worth your time. I'm tempted to get this Bretzel recipe translated...



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